Miss Nang Treats Anniversary page

zzz number 2 anniversary

The current collection of tasty nuts and seeds

It has been a great two year and the journey has been fantastic, exciting, productive and with a lot of growth.

Many of you out there are loving the combinations of the collection which this year takes us to 15 original and colourful snacks.

For this second birthday, we are introducing you to the first set of COMPOSTABLE imitation plastic packaging. Read the link Environmentally friendly packaging . This kind of natural Naturflex packaging disintegrates into compost between 25-50 pending the level of moisture it is exposed to. Look out for a related competition coming soon.

We’re also slowly phasing out pure plastic packaging and replacing them with biodegradable bag instead. Believe it or not. Brexit will have an impact on the sourcing of this material as more and more UK based suppliers get on board with the changes in food packaging.


Serving suggestion for grown ups

As mentioned earlier there are 3 new flavours added to the collection of snacks available to you.







Nang Purple Lime – 100g

The Nang Purple Lime is a luxury sweet Almond snack. Ingredients: Blanched almonds, soy milk, red cabbage, lime, cardamom, cane sugar, Essex salt.





Nang Scottish Walnuts – 100g

The Nang Scottish Walnut is a luxury savoury snack.  Ingredients: Walnuts, cloves, Scottish whiskey, double roast oats, Pendja white pepper, sea salt.





Nang Mustard & All – 100g

The Nang Mustard & All is a spicy savoury snack.  Ingredients: Blanched almonds, red cabbage, English mustard, sea salt caraway, spring onion, garlic.


One more exciting  addition is the introduction of compostable packaging for family size packs of 500g snacks.









Nang Sweet Pea Original – 500g

The Nang Sweet Pea Original is a sweet snack. Ingredients: Peanuts, cane sugar, sea salt. Wrapped in compostable packaging.





Nang Cashew-Beet – 500g

The Nang Cashew-beet. Ingredients: Cashews, fresh beetroot juice, cane sugar, sea salt, beetroot flakes Wrapped in compostable packaging with a satin tie.





Nang Hot Ginger Sun – 500g

The Nang Hot Ginger Sun is a sweet and hot sun flower seeds snack. Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, chilli, fresh ginger, cane sugar, sea salt. Wrapped in compostable packaging.


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