Plant-Based Ideas for Carnivores – The eBook

You’ve asked for it, now it is here; a collection of plant-based recipes for food explorers and those slowly switching to a more plant-based diet. As you know, Miss Nang Treats is all about snacking healthier and with purpose. Snacking healthier is the start of the journey. To help you consider including more plant-based eats […]

Miss Nang recipe in the Independent

A recipe from the cookbook made it into The Independent On Sunday!!! Wow! Download the recipe below! “There is no better way to start a week than to discover that one of your recipes made it into the @the.independent over the weekend… “ I wrote that on an Instagram post after checking GoogleAlerts and seeing […]

Miss Nang cookbook

Plant-Based Ideas For Carnivores the cookbook is here! The CookBook is here baby! You have asked for it, I created it. Watch the launch video here including one of the dishes. If you were there on the launch day, thank you so much for your support. You already know that Miss Mang Treats is all […]