Chambord and Black grapes

It’s Chambord. A light cocktail.

Miss Nang cocktail 2 Chambord 1

A bottle of Chambord seats among the liquors bottles. It is Stylist’s magazine’s fault if the bottle is even here.

Chambord was the biggest advertiser in Stylist magazine during 2017 and 2018. It is finally time to try what’s in this beautiful girly and very elegant bottle.

The liquor is very light in alcohol content (only 16.5%) and taste more like Teisseir the syrup than a drunken cocktail mix.

What do you do with a Chambord? Probably a lot but, let’s not make it complicated. In order to really feel the taste it is important to add big glugs of Chambord to either spring water or even champagne for celebrations. Chambord is very fruity and its colour is beautiful. Great for lazy afternoons a la Parisienne.

The cocktail shown here’s  has dark brown cane sugar which added its own particular aroma and colour to the drinks. Then finished with black grapes and celery heart in a lime zest rimmed glass. 

The display is completed with some dark chocolate gingerbread, Nang Safprika and Nang Scottish Walnuts.


Fancy trying it at home? Request the step by step recipe below.