Miss Nang Sweet & Savoury Taster packs

Miss Nang Taster packs are a great way to try 3 or 4 Miss Nang products in one go at a special price AND postage FREE! The Savoury pack is £15 and the Sweet pack £10.

So take advantage of these fantastic offer and chose your favourite among them all.

The Savoury Taster pack includes these luxury nuts (ORDER HERE):Miss Nang 3 Savoury set 1

  • Nang GellaStachio. Pistachios lovers will be surprised with the GellaStachio
    which has among its ingredients pomegranate powder, Nigella seeds and Turmeric.
  • Nang Red-O-Pumpkin is a fantastic combination the reminds the senses of fried onions with thyme. This snack was originally created as part of a snacking seeds trio.
  • Nang Cashew-SafPrika light, delicate, elegant, exotic and simply unique both in taste and colour.

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The Sweet Taster pack includes these luxury nuts (ORDER HERE):Miss Nang Sweet pack

All the nuts are roasted then covered with a very light plain or flavoured sugar foam. In the case of the cashew-beet, you will find one of the main ingredients is freshly squeezed beetroot juice, and oven dried beetroot flakes.

The range is overall light, moreish and very addictive mostly made to order.

Click here to buy your FREE POST sweet Taster Pack NOW for £10.00!

These nuts can all be used as wedding favours as well as gifts. To read the full description of each nutritious snack, click on the names. Each snack comes with its own set of super powers. Miss Nang Treats is a range that takes the eater through a journey of senses via the palate. Enjoy.

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